The following consists of rants, ramblings, and general opinions on multiple topics of this one veteran. These will range from politics to morons who inhabit this planet. If you are easily offended by someone who has a strong opinion and uses very blunt language then move on. Not to say I am vulgar, just brutally honest. And I have, from time to time, been known to slide in a "colorful" word or two. I am NOT a racist or sexist so if that is what you hope to see you may also move on. Everyone else; prepare yourself for what may be, once in a while, a very interesting ride. Cheers!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Try to NOT be a Zombie

What does the “Zombie Apocalypse” and today’s youth have in common? My survival. Let me explain.
When I was young we didn’t have cell phones, computers in our homes – much less laptops – or the internet. The idea of sitting and reading a book on a personal device like a Kindle or Nook was pure science fiction. We read actual books, rode our bicycles, played sand lot rules football and generally made our fun where we could find it. On weekends we went fishing or hunting with our fathers and learned to catch/kill, clean and cook our food. We learned how to make things using tools and wood from our dads and grand fathers, which was handy for building forts and tree houses. We learned to fix things as they broke if we could.
Fast forward to 2013…
Today our children, and young adults, are walking around with their heads buried in their electronic devices. Their world is largely disposable. If it breaks, throw it out and buy a new one. They live on their devices playing online games. Games like “Cops and Robbers” have been replaced with Halo, Grand Theft Auto, or other such computer games. Coffee has been replaced with cappuccino and latte and, for an ever growing number of them, fish is something you buy at the fish market or get at Red Lobster. Going to the lake is now about skiing, not fishing, and hunting is something hillbillies and rednecks do. After all, for many of our youth, guns are evil… least that is what they are hearing on the news. And tools for our 20 some things – and some 30 some things – consist of a lawn mower, crescent wrench, one or two screw drivers, and a hammer. 
The problem this creates, for them, is the inability to be self sufficient. If it can’t be found online or purchased in a store they are lost. How can they be expected to change the water pump on their own car when many of them don’t even know how to change a tire? What would happen if, like in a recent TV show, the power simultaneously went out all over the world? Well, I know how to fish, I can hunt and while I don’t have the greenest thumb I can grow food. And, as I am not married to my smart phone – I don’t even have a smart phone – and I know how to read and use tools, I’m pretty sure I can keep my home dry on the inside. But what of the modern youth? Well, I guess they will have a problem.
If a zombie apocalypse ever does happen I will seek out others like myself (and I know several) with whom I can commune. We will become a community among ourselves; able to take care of our needs. And the modern youth will seek us out hoping we will take them in. The problem they will have is convincing us we should accept them. Questions will be raised such as, “What can you contribute?”. Oh, you can fix computers? That’s wonderful, but you understand there is no power and therefore none of them are working? Do you know how to clean fish? Do you know how to trim deer? Can you cook? Can you put a new roof on a house? Can you build a fire without a gas hook up? Well if nothing else I can teach you to shoot and you can help guard the perimeter. That is of course if you are willing to learn how to safely handle and use a gun. 
What does that have to do with my survival? Well, looking at the zombie issue, they will go where the food is. That means densely populated areas, like cities. I can assure you I will NOT be in the city. So if you are a member of the modern youth you will have to get out of the city to get to me. And if you have no survival skills of your own…… It saddens me to think that so many things we learned growing up in my generation are not being learned today. But, at the same time, the fact that a large number of these folks will end up being zombie food just gives me more time to prepare and make ready for the time they do find me and my group. 
My thinking here is quite simple. If you are one of the “modern youth”, put down the iPad and pick up a book. Step away from the computer and go fishing. If you don’t know how, find someone to teach you. The next time you need a faucet replaced don’t call a plumber; go to your local home improvement store and buy one and replace it yourself. If you don’t know how, find someone to teach you. Or pick up a DIY book on home repair. Learn to do for yourself as much as you can and don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty. Learn to change a flat tire and your own oil. And maybe, just maybe, if we can get enough people thinking again and learning how to do things for themselves again we might be able to avoid a zombie apocalypse. With more people knowing how to survive there would be fewer zombies to overcome. 
Or maybe you like the thought of becoming a zombie? That is all; carry on.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't be an idiot.....

I am of the opinion that people are becoming less intelligent with each passing generation. And this is in spite of the fact that more and more schools are requiring standardized testing, and at much younger ages than in the past. And I’m not just saying this because I’m getting older and less tolerant of stupidity – although I am. I base this on things you find now in everyday life that is geared towards the idiot. Let me explain…
Have you looked at a product label lately? I know some of these things you’ve heard, or even seen, but have you really stopped to think about them? For example, there is the labeling on the iron that tells you not to iron your clothes while you are wearing them? Now, seriously, why is that there? Simple; at some point in time some idiot tried to iron his or her shirt while wearing it. And I’m sure this brain child, once burned, blamed to company for not telling them the iron gets hot. Now I grew up watching my mother iron clothes and the thing is I never needed to be told the iron was hot. I could tell by the steam. But I’m not an idiot.
This is a good one; the blow drier label that warns you not to use it in the shower because of an electrocution hazard. Now even if you didn’t know that water and electricity don’t mix, or even if they did, why would you use a drier while still in the shower? It would seem to me that this would defeat the purpose. But I’m not an idiot.
McDonald’s is now required to tell you, when you order coffee, that it is hot. This stems from the lady who ordered her coffee, expecting it to be hot, placing it between her legs instead of in the cup holder of her car, spilling it on herself because of said stupidity and blaming McDonald’s for not telling her it’s hot. I’m thinking the proper warning should have be, “Don’t be a moron”, but that’s just me. And the only thing more stupid than her filing her lawsuit is the fact that a judge, an educated man, allowed it to go through. I think if I had been the judge I would have pointed out that when you order coffee expecting I to be hot that no one should need to tell you that it is in fact hot, or to use your cup holder. But I’m not an idiot.
Certain laws in this country are not much better. It seems that in California it is illegal to hunt whale with a high powered rifle from a moving car. Now really, who the hell was that written for? I really want to meet the person who did this requiring CA to pass a law against it. I really want to know what was going through his mind (other than possibly alcohol or marijuana) that made him think he would bring down a whale with a 30-30 while driving down the PCH. I would never think for one moment that this was even remotely a good idea. But I’m not an idiot.
The dumbing down of our society is even apparent in clothing trends. How many times have you seen the kid, and sometimes the adult, wearing his ball cap backwards? Now what the hell is the point in that? The idea of the brim of the cap is to shade your eyes, not the back of your neck. That being the case the only thing that looks more ridiculous than wearing the cap backwards is wearing it backwards while holding your hand to your forehead to shade your eyes. But it isn’t just hats that are being worn incorrectly. I also see more underwear these days just driving down a neighborhood street than I would ever see at a plumber’s convention. Can you not find pants that fit or did you lose your belt? Either way reach down and pull up your pants. Wait; you can’t because one of your hands is busy shading your eyes because you have your hat on backwards. You know I would just never consider dressing in this manner, not even as a joke. But I’m not an idiot.
There are so many things, or people, I would like to blame for this disturbing trend but there just isn’t enough time. The root of it though, I think, lies with the parents. Parents no longer seem interested in teaching their children the important things in life. I taught my daughter right from wrong and the right way to dress. I taught her that life is not fair. I taught her that coffee is hot, you don’t iron clothes while wearing them, and you shouldn’t blow dry your hair in the shower: it won’t get dry but you will get electrocuted. Now I never taught my daughter that you can’t bring down a whale with a 30-30 from a moving car but in fairness we live nowhere near the ocean, and she loves whales and would never hunt them. 
If more parents would take this type of attitude then there might just be fewer idiots in this country. Of course there are other things that would help, like reading to your children. Turn off the reality TV and pick up a book. Read to them. Teach them the sounds of the letters as you go. Teach them how vowels make different sounds and why. It really isn’t that hard and children learn very quickly. My eldest granddaughter, who is all of 5, now reads to us. But she isn’t an idiot. 
If more parents would take the time to actually be parents and stop trying to be their child’s best buddy then maybe we could turn this trend around. Maybe we can stop raising a nation full of idiots. I know it doesn’t seem like much but every little bit helps. And it would help me since I am not getting younger and therefore will not ever become more tolerant of stupidity.

That is all.

Friday, January 18, 2013

On Guns

So over the last month we have been inundated with gun control proposals, new legislation, and Executive orders. In these we have seen everything from improving our mental health system to calls for all out bans on certain types of weapons. Now, I know I’m not the smartest man in the world and I admit that. I do have a college degree and I consider myself fairly intelligent but the smartest man in the world; not by a long shot. However, I have spent my entire adult life  working in a field that requires the knowledge and use of firearms, and certain things, to me, just don’t seem all that complicated.

Let’s start with something easy; training. Certain people in the industry – and the NRA – have called for training. Now, the anti-gun groups have questioned this acting like we who support gun rights are talking about teaching our kids in school about guns. We’re not. Teaching kids about guns should fall to the parents. Those parents are the ones in question. In this country if you want to drive a car you must pass a test to get a license. I am not calling for licensing of firearms but to buy one you should be able to prove you have an understanding of them. As it stands now anyone with a driver’s license and a clean criminal history can walk into a gun store and buy a gun. Who knows if this person has any idea what to do with it or how to handle it?

While we don’t license firearms we do require the completion of the ATF form to verify the sale of the weapon and the background of the buyer. Why not require some training before a person can buy a gun and put that block on the form? If you want to buy a gun you go to the gun store and sign up for the safety course. It could be eight hours of training on weapons safety, securing it in the home and the understanding of the basic function and cleaning of the firearms. When you complete the class the buyer is issued a card from the state in which they live that shows completion and now they can buy the gun. We do this for concealed carry so why not for all guns? Groups like the NRA (I am a member by the way) would say this is registration but actually it is not. It’s not because just because you took the class doesn’t mean you have a gun, just the understanding of them. Just like having a driver’s license doesn’t mean you have a car, just that you should know how to drive one. And nothing in my idea means registering your purchase beyond what we do now, filling out the ATF form.

Now that you have your card, should you decide to buy a gun and you aren’t familiar with the specific weapon you can ask your dealer to go over it with you. Any good dealer should be willing to do this. It creates good customer service and that brings repeat business. I see that as a win/win. And, now that you have your card, with it comes a certain responsibility. First and foremost is weapon security in the home. How you choose to secure it is up to you based on your individual circumstances. Whether you use a gun safe, a trigger lock, or some other security device you must be mindful of your surroundings. If you live alone and don’t have a lot of guests then you might be able to get by with a simple lock box. On the other hand if you have children you may want to go with a more secure device and insure that the ammunition is not kept with the gun.

Now that I have thrown out ideas about safety, training and purchasing let’s talk what we can and can’t buy. It is important to understand – and I am going on my soap box here – that while I commend many of our elected officials, especially from the left, for standing up and stating they are gun owners and support the Second Amendment, many of them still miss the point. Vice President Biden points out that he owns hunting weapons. Others have stated they do not want to infringe on our right to hunt. Fine, however, the Second Amendment is NOT about hunting. It never has been and never will be.

For those who forgot what they learned in American History this nation was founded by dissidents; rebels who were tired of living under the rule of the monarchy and were ready to try a new approach of government. These “traitors to the crown” knew the only way to defeat a tyrannical government was through a revolution, so they had one. The newly formed Continental Army and Navy stood ready, but were far outnumbered and they knew it. To this end they called on every able bodied male who was willing to come forward with their weapons and help defeat the British. These men came and though it was not an easy task the Colonies stood victorious. These men who came forward, these minutemen, were the exact people the founders were talking about when they said militia. And in the Supreme Court decision, United States v. Miller, that meaning of “militia” was upheld. The Court said it did not mean the Reserves or National Guard, but any male who was willing to come forward, with limited training, to stand with the military to defend this nation.

Interestingly in this decision the Court also held that the defense of the nation was not just from enemies of the nation but also, as the founders intended, any tyrannical form of government. The founders understood this. And while it does not so state in the Constitution it can be found in the writings of people like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, all of whom were very clear that disarming the “people” would be the first step towards the fall of this new Republic. Basically that the right of the people to keep and bear arms is not jus t to fend off invaders but to keep the government from becoming what they fought so long and so hard to escape. As such the Court also held that those able bodied men would have to provide their own weapons and therefore would have to of a type similar to what they would encounter. And not what they would have encountered in 1777, but what they would encounter at any time, such as now. So at the end of the Revolution it may have meant muskets but by WWII it would mean repeating arms and Thompsons and today it would mean AR15’s. This Court decision was handed down in 1939 and to date has NEVER been overturned.

And quite simply that means that according to the founders of this nation and upheld by Supreme Court case law, the Second Amendment gives me the RIGHT to own such a weapon. Therefore any attempt to ban them from ownership, sale or manufacture is, quite simply, unconstitutional and illegal. And the Miller case has been used in several other weapons cases heard by the court in making decisions regarding firearms laws and ownership. Should the anti gun folks ever manage to get Miller overturned in the Court, everything we know about current firearms ownership would be turned upside down. And that could lead to new laws that would not be deemed in violation of the Constitution but that could and would have devastating consequences on the free people of this Republic. The Second Amendment IS the Amendment that keeps all of the other secure and if it is bypassed which one(s) would be next?

Now, that may sound a little “conspiracy theory” in nature and many people would say, “This will never happen” but it already has. Okay, not in this country, but it has happened none the less. Therefore to think it can’t happen here is na├»ve in my opinion. Even if it didn’t, the fact is the Second Amendment is still NOT about hunting. Remember, when the framers wrote this they had no regulations on hunting, it was simply a way to feed the family. Everyone did it and no one needed a license. And fathers took and taught their sons and often times hunting was the responsibility of the sons. The Second Amendment secured their rights to maintain the security of the Republic….and again, even against the government if necessary.

Of course we can’t forget the outside stimulus that does play a part in today’s violence. And, yes, I am talking about video games. When the founders were writing the Constitution there was no internet. There were no computers, much less computer games. The kids worked, went to school, did their chores and said their prayers. And oddly enough they didn’t have mass shootings. And in my generation we didn’t have those games or the internet either. And the thought of having a computer in our home was pure science fiction. We worked, did our chores, went to school and said our prayers and we didn’t have these mass shootings either. But today we have video games that let you earn points and money for killing people, including innocent bystanders and cops; all while stealing a car. My generation had movies like “The Godfather” and today they have “The Expendables” and “Inglorious Bastards”. And no one at the theaters check ID’s anymore so the movie ratings are pretty much a waste of time. Our children of today are bombarded with violence in movies, games, and the nightly news. They aren’t doing chores and watching “Gilligan’s Island”, they are holed up in their rooms connected to the world weird web. And all the while we, as a society, are shoving anti psychotics down their throats because….well, I’m not sure why. But the combination is having disastrous effects on our nation.

Over the last 25 years virtually all mass shootings in this nation involve a shooter or shooters who are on some type of anti psychotic medication. In fact, when is the last time you saw or heard reported any mass shooting, or other type of mass killing, involving someone between the ages of 14 and 30 who was NOT on some type of psychotropic medication, or recently had been? Let me help you here…never.

The fix to this is multi part…

 First, stop thinking the school will raise your child. That is the responsibility of the parent. That’s you.

Second, stop allowing the internet to raise or even babysit your children. And don’t give me the crap about them throwing a fit or all their friends do it. You are supposed to be the parent so be one. If they scream that it’s not fair remind them that life it not fair. Spend time with your child. When you are at dinner out don’t spend it on your damn iPhone, spend it talking to your children. When you are having dinner at home do so at the table and talk to your children.

Third, when they want to go out make sure you know where, with whom, what they are going to do, and don’t ask them when they will be home; tell them when to be home.

Forth, if after all this they are still a little disruptive in class don’t be talked into pills for ADHD. Do what my parents did, talk to us and find out what’s going on. You might discover that your child is simply bored because they know more about the school subject than the rest of the class. They may not have a disorder, they may be gifted. But the only way to know is to talk to them.

Lastly, monitor what they watch. Now, if you son or daughter happens to look 20 when they are 15 this could be an issue when they go to the movies, but it certainly isn’t at home. And as far as the movies remember that they are teenagers. They are at the age they believe they are smarter than you so use that against them. If they tell you they are going to see “We Bought a Zoo” when they actually intend to see “Expendables2” get on the internet and look up the zoo movie, if you haven’t seen it. Look at the syllabus and spoiler alerts. Then when they get home ask them pointed questions. If they saw it they should know the answers. BE THE PARENT!

And through all of this, if you do in fact keep guns in your house, make it a point to secure them properly. And when you decide the time is right teach your children about guns and gun safety. Make sure they know that they are not toys and it’s not like movies or video games, which they will still find a way to gain access to, and that people don’t get points for killing and those shot do not come back for their next movie. And then, if you decide the time becomes right teach them to handle and shoot a firearm. Millions of parents do this every year when teaching their children how to shoot and hunt and never see their sons or daughters on the news having shot up a mall or theater or school.

Is there more that can be done? I’m sure there is because, again, I’m not the smartest man in the world. But to talk about banning weapons that are very popular just because you don’t like the way they look is plain stupid. And that is all it comes down to anyway, the look. The AR15 is no different than virtually any other semi automatic rifle except in how it looks. And they are, and have been, used in less than 2% of all mass shootings since civilians have been able to buy them. So to say banning them will make things safer is just ridiculous and proves you aren’t paying attention. In fact, in spite of what the anti gun lobby tells you, the ban from 1994 to 2004 did nothing to curb gun violence; FBI statistics prove that. It is like putting a band aid on a sucking chest wound, it may make it look like you are taking action but it actually does nothing to stop the bleeding. What can help make things safer is police officers in schools (many schools already use them) and parents actually raising their children and teaching them to take responsibility for their own actions. And it should be noted that in schools where officers are present the officers are well received by the students, parents and administration.

Am I a veteran of the armed forces? Yes I am. Am I a member of the NRA? Yes I am. Am I conservative? Yes I am. Do I own guns? Yes I do. Did I raise my daughter in the manner which I recommend here? Yes I did. Did she ever shoot up a school, mall or theater? Nope. She never even had the desire. I’m going to conclude that my argument has some validity.

Do not allow your rights to be violated. Do not allow the government to take away (ban) any weapons we can currently buy. Do not be afraid to stand up for and defend the Second Amendment. Do NOT be afraid of being an American. And if you already do the things I mention here then God bless you and keep the faith; but educate those who don’t.

That is all….for now.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Freedom of Speech?

Recently the Bastiat Institute Facebook page had a photograph up that was removed by Facebook. The photo was of a swastika and the hammer and sickle with the words “If you are not prepared to defend Liberty be prepared to replace it with something else”. Now to me this statement seemed simple enough, especially when you take into account both Germany and Russia had their liberties and form of government replaced with the Nazi Party and Communism, respectably,  in their past. However it seems the idea of defending freedom violates Facebook rules based upon this statement from the Bastiat Institute today,

“Facebook decided to remove our image warning of the dangers of Communism and Fascism because they claim it violated Facebook Community Standards. Our guess is they just saw the Communist and Nazi flag and didn't read the message that was actually in opposition to these brutal political systems. Nevertheless, thanks to those who liked and shared this image in support of liberty over statism.

Violates “Community Standards”? What the hell does that mean? I would be willing to bet that those who subscribe to the Bastiat Institute page found nothing at all inappropriate about this picture. My thinking is the Bastiat Institute is correct, Facebook personnel never read the message on the photo, just looked at the photo and decided it was inappropriate.

The funny thing is Facebook removed the message, which they obviously did not read, and it is just fine in spite of the fact it violated the Free Speech of the Bastiat Institute. No one bats an eye. There are those who would say, "Yes, but Facebook is a private company and can make their own rules." Well the fact is Facebook is now a PUBLIC company. So if this publically traded company can do this without people calling for a boycott then why isn't the same courtesy extended to Chic-Fil-A.....a true PRIVATE, family owned company? Double standard much?

Dan Cathy, son of Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, told the Baptist Press July 16, that the conservative restaurant chain is, in fact, still conservative. In response to a question pertaining to the franchise’s support of the traditional family, Cathy replied “guilty as charged.” The president and chief operating officer continued, “We are very much supportive of the family – the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that... we know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles."

Now let’s think about that for a moment, “but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles." I would like to agree, but do we really? Chic-Fil-A and Mr. Cathy have been blasted for these comments with threats of lawsuits and boycotts just because their values do not go hand in hand with main stream media, anyone “left of center” or those that have simply jumped on the gay pride band wagon because it is en vogue.

I fully support Chic-Fil-A on this. not because I stand on one side or the other on homosexuality, but because I stand on the side of free speech. Again, there are those calling for law suits and boycotts. Why? Because the president of a family owned business spoke his mind and gave his opinion. If any of these sue happy folks ever said anything I didn't like and I threatened to sue they would be screaming Civil Rights violation and calling on the ACLU. Well guess what? He has the same rights, as does the Bastiat Institute in their posting of the picture on Facebook. In fact, Facebook now being a publically sold company MUST comply with ALL federal laws governing corporations, including ensuring ones right to free speech, and not just their employees but members as well. Now I guess they could restrict membership based on their ideals and values(?), but should they start banning people simply because they don’t agree with them...well I would hate to be on the Facebook side of that Federal Lawsuit.

And where the hell is the ACLU in this matter? Why aren't they coming to the defense of the 1st Amendment rights of Mr. Cathy or the Bastiat Institute? Oh yeah, they can't. They are busy defending known traitors to the United States and these folks don’t qualify. Yes, I said defending (actually it should be suing on behalf of the family of) known traitors.

The link to the full story is HERE, but the short version is 3 American citizens, all three of whom are known and self admitted terrorists, all living in the Middle East and all doing whatever they can to further the efforts of al Qaeda were killed in an American drone attack. Now the ACLU is suing the US government on behalf of the surviving families on claims they were not granted a fair trial and that their deaths were cruel and unusual.

Wow. Granted, the terrorists in question were US citizens, however, they were by their actions, and by their OWN admissions, TRAITORS. And at least one was proud to be a traitor and even stated that in an article he wrote for an al Qaeda website and publication. Folks, traitors have been killed in every war we have ever been in. Why should the war on terror be any different? If you choose to be a traitor you should expect to be targeted. I promise if the ACLU had family in Afghanistan, and these killings did ANYTHING to keep their children safer, there is no way they would be filing this ridiculously frivolous law suit.

Chic-Fil-A and The Bastiat Institute have the God given right, as do all Americans, to voice their opinions, theoretically without fear of persecution. In fact all Americans have the God given right to not believe in God, be secure in their homes, keep and bear arms, et al. Why? Because The United States Constitution says so, period. Yet while Chic-Fil-A and Mr. Cathy specifically, is being labeled “bigot”, and The Bastiat Institute is being censored by Facebook the ACLU chooses to fight for terrorists and traitors. Is it any wonder their nickname is All Criminals Love Us?

Folks, you have got to start paying attention to what is going on. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I assure you there are people in this world, in this country, and in our very own government who would love to see this great nation turned on its ear and mad into a socialist state. And if you think otherwise you either A) are part of that problem B) not paying attention or C) just plain stupid. It’s time to wake up America, while you still have an America.
PS:  Have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cain vs. Kardashian

So over the last couple of days we have been inundated with news of Harold Cain and Kim Kardashian. Not together, however that would give them both more press and might make for more interesting reading. One is accused of past sexual harassment and the other of perpetrating a scam.

At the heart of Mr. Cain’s issue is his runaway presidential campaign. With his ideas that business should have a flat corporate tax, the people should have a flat tax, and there should be a national flat sales tax…all 9% he was well on his way to a major upset for the Republican nomination. Many detractors say this will fail and the liberal media in every interview insisted repeatedly this would help the rich and hurt the poor. If they believe that they are the only ones. If I make $40,000 per year at 9% flat my tax is $3600. If I make $1,000,000 per year then my tax is $90,000. Now math was never my best subject but even I know that $90,000 is more than $3600.
The way SOME wealthy would get around this is by owning nothing. Everything, even the home in which they live, is owned by their company and they get paid a salary. Then they live in luxury and still pay small income tax. Well, yes that would be true but with a flat 9% corporate rate there in no tax loophole (according to his plan) so they still have to pay. And they still must pay 9% national sales tax on the things the corporation buys “for them”. Granted it is from corporate money but if I own a corporation that is still my pocket. This plan is workable as long as the tax codes are modified and Congress and the Senate keep their greedy hands of the till for stupid pork projects.
I heard one interviewer when talking to Mr. Cain about this state (but in the form of a question) that “according to the 999 plan more of the poorest Americans would pay the highest taxes and the wealthy would pay less, right Mr. Cain?” Seriously? Were you even listening to this man or are you just stupid? Wait, I forgot…it’s the liberal spin to make people think Mr. Cain is can’t know what he is doing. And now this story of sexual harassment has come up from over a decade ago and causing “some other candidates” to indicate this proves he isn’t ready for this type of election since he has never run for major office. Again, seriously? Obama was a virtually unknown (outside of IL) Senator before he made his run at the White House and he won; although I still don’t know how. People like Cain scare the political machine because they do come out with the American dream that any child can be president.
Personally, I think someone like Cain is just what this nation needs, a true American who wants to do something, not just another candidate who was primed from youth to be a politician. Herman Cain’s father worked three jobs to support the family and put Herman through College. Then Herman took over putting himself through graduate school while working full time. He has had many successes in business working his way from the ground up. I think he understands better than most politicians how the tax codes work and certainly how to turn a profit. The group we have currently can’t even break even. So the machine is scared and we have to break news that he was once accused of sexual harassment. You know, that should actually be an endorsement. Bill Clinton smoked pot in college (and hell yes he inhaled…anyone who thinks he didn’t is fooling themselves) and he had a sexual affairs in the Oval Office. So what’s a little 15 year old sexual harassment complaint that was NEVER proven? At least not as of yet.

 On the other side of the news is Kim Kardashian and her fake marriage. Yes, I said FAKE. There is not a doubt in my mind this entire thing was a sham. Her engagement lasted longer than the marriage. And oddly enough the pending divorce comes at the same time the Kardashian’s are launching their new clothing store. Hhmmm…they are starting a new business and suddenly getting a ton of free press. That makes me wonder if there is really anyone who believes this was anything less than a load of crap from the Kardashians. But, more importantly, why the hell does anyone care?
See the reason I point these two things out is that in our current society you will find more people who know what is going on with Kim and what’s his name than with Harold Cain. And that’s sad, one has bearing on the next president of this nation and the other is less than unimportant in the great scheme of things. Our society has become focused on celebrities and not what really matters yet then want to bitch when things don’t go the way they want. To that I say pull your heads out of the sand. When stories about celebrities come on change the channel, and when stories come up about politics, politicians and things that pertain to YOUR money, turn it up.

You will note that I gave much more attention here to Herman Cain that I did to Kim Kardashian. This is not because I support Cain; I have not yet made up my mind who I will vote for to get Obama the hell out of office. It simply means I know which thing is more important, and it is NOT the Kardashians. Turn off TMZ, Access Hollywood,  Dancing With The “second rate” Stars, Idol, and whatever else is taking your attention from REAL life and Wake Up America! If you must pay attention to a celebrity then pay attention to just one; the one who said,
If you're listening to a celebrity in order to get your information on who to vote for, you're a bigger moron than they are.” ~~Alice Cooper 


PS; Have a nice day.